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Welcome to jGnash

jGnash is a personal finance application that works on most any modern PC platform. jGnash is a complete double entry system with support for multiple currencies. jGnash is used by beginners and professionals all over the world. A list of comprehensive features and capabilities is below.

  • Double Entry Accounting with reconciliation tools
  • Budgeting with multiple scenario options and export to spreadsheet capability
  • Investment Accounts and automatic import of Stocks, Bond, and Funds price history
  • Nestable accounts with automatic rollup of totals and intelligent handling of mixed currencies
  • OFX, QFX, mt940, and QIF import capabilities
  • Reminders and automatic transaction entry and notifications
  • Intelligent handling of multiple currencies and exchange rates with automatic online exchange rate updates
  • Printable reports with PDF and spreadsheet export capability
  • XML and relational database file formats
  • Operates on any modern PC operating system

You can download jGnash from the jGnash Download Page.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with getting stated? Check out the official jGnash support group at the jGnash User Google group